Media: Press

October 2018: Kate Moriarty Fine Art Gallery Opening Flyer
Issued by Kate Moriarty Fine Art Gallery, featuring an exhibition with the Animalia works from Julie Viens. The release features a brief description as well as time and place information. TheĀ Kate Moriarty Fine Art Gallery, features Los Angeles based artists.

October 2016: Haven Hills Press Release and Auction Artist Poster.
Issued by the Busby Group to support Haven Hills, The press release included a description of the event being held, time and location, ticket purchase information, a brief description of the art and artists curated, as well as information about the organization itself.

June 2015: Newtown Arts Press Release and Postcards.
Issued by Lori Deyer, Creative Director for Newtown Arts. The press release includes an overview of the format and purpose of the art show, and includes a series of brief biographies each one for each of the seven artists featured for the show.

Society 6 Shop Selection.
Issued by Society, for multiple individual pieces of artwork by Julie Viens to be included in their Society 6 Shop. Notification for each inclusion was sent via email for each selection.